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SmartHeart Total Artificial Heart:
The SmartHeart TAH is designed to replace the function of the native heart, supporting both systemic and pulmonary circulation. It is based on the design of the SmartHeart LVAD, in which a single moving part the rotor, is supported in a blood-lubricated fluid film bearing, resulting in a small, simple, reliable device.

A single motor drives two centrifugal pumps on both ends of the same shaft. An integrated pressure regulating valve automatically balances left and right circulations without the need for a second motor, sensors and associated cables, connectors, electronics and software.

Unlike earlier generations of total artificial hearts, the SmartHeart TAH's compact size allows for a broader range of patients to be implanted.

The TAH shares basic design concepts with the SmartHeart LVAD:
  • Valve-less, sensor-less, diaphragm-less, continuous-flow pump and control system.
  • Elimination of life-limiting surface contact due to blood-lubricated fluid film bearing technology.
  • Automatic Flow Rate Control -- native auto-regulation between the system and pulmonary circuit.
  • Low Anticipated Levels of Required Anticoagulation.
  • Small Size of Device -- allows for implantation in men, women, or teens; offering the potential to serve greater cross-section of patients compared to competing devices.
  • Remote Monitoring Technology -- tracks and records key clinical device parameters, and enables ongoing remote patient monitoring.

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